These are a selection of articles of interest from our newsletter and other publications.

Some selected Baptist biographies

William Gadsby (1773-1844)
John Stevens (1776-1847)
John Warburton (1776-1857)
George Wright (1789-1873)
Samuel Collins (1799-1881)
Joseph Charles Philpot (1802-1869)
Charles Waters Banks (1806-1886)

General advice

Great-granddad was a Baptist Minister - I think    by Dr Kenneth Dix

Extracts from the Society's Newsletters

1993 Strict Baptist Societies and Organisations
1994 London and Southern Strict Baptist Choir
1995 The Strict Baptist Open Air Mission
1996 The Strict Baptist Mission Beginnings
The Particular Baptist Fund
1997 The Northern Counties Union of Strict Baptists
1998 A Short History of The Tender Grape
1999 A Brief History of the Cheering Words magazine
2000 The 'Emily' Convalescent Homes
2002 Strict Baptist Bible Institute
2003 Memories of the chapel at Knockholt, Kent
History of Providence Chapel, Northampton
2005 The history of Brockley Chapel, Suffolk
2006 Ebenezer Strict and Particular Baptist Church, Chelmsford, Essex
2010 The pastorate of John Warburton 1815-1857
2011 Bradenstoke: The chapel of the tolling bell
2011 George Murrell's Jubilee at St Neots
2013 Hawridge Baptist Church, Buckinghamshire
2014 Buckland Common Strict Baptist Chapel
2015 The Warburton family come to Trowbridge
Lee Common Strict Baptist Church 1827-1969