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Other Baptist Historical Societies  

Baptist Historical Society and The Baptist Quarterly (UK) http://www.baptisthistory.org.uk/index.htm
American Baptist Historical Society http://www.abc-usa.org/abhs/index.html
Baptist Church History and Genealogy http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~baptist/index.html
Keach's Meeting Mouse, Winslow http://www.keachsmeetinghouse.org.uk

Some Baptist Colleges and Libraries 

Angus Library, Regent's Park College, Oxford http://www.lib.ox.ac.uk/libraries/guides/reg.html
Angus Library Catalogue via OLIS http://www.lib.ox.ac.uk/libraries/libcats.html
Evangelical Library, London http://www.evangelical-library.org.uk/
Regent's Park College, Oxford http://www.rpc.ox.ac.uk/
Gospel Standard Library, Hove http://www.gospelstandard.org.uk/GS-Library
Northern Baptist College - Archive

Northern Baptist College - Printed books
http://rylibweb.man.ac.uk/specialcollections/ collections/guide/atoz/northernbaptistcollegearchive/

http://rylibweb.man.ac.uk/specialcollections/ collections/guide/atoz/northernbaptistcollegeprinted/

Spurgeon's College, London http://www.spurgeons.ac.uk/
Library Catalogue, Spurgeon's College, London http://library.spurgeons.ac.uk/
Heritage and Identity Commission of the Baptist World Alliance http://www.congress.baptist-vic.org.au/bap-wor.htm
Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries http://www.newman.ac.uk/abtapl/

Other useful resources  

Geneva - a search engine for Reformed Baptist Websites http://www.founders.org/search.html
GraceNet UK - resources and links for Reformed Evangelical Christian organisations in the UK http://www.grace.org.uk/index.html
The Chapels Society http://www.britarch.ac.uk/chapelsoc/

Publishers and Bookshops 

Christian Books, Dunstable http://www.christianbooks.uk.com/
Evangelical Press http://www.epbooks.org/
Gospel Standard Publications Trust http://www.gospelstandard.org.uk/
Grace Publications Trust http://www.gracepublications.co.uk/
Mayflower Christian Bookshop, Southampton http://mcbs.springroad.org.uk/
Christian Bookshop, Ossett http://www.christianbookshopossett.co.uk/